End of Year 3 Address

                Alright folks, that is officially it. Super Powereds: Year 3 has wrapped on the web-novel front, and digital versions are available on June 15th. Now begins my short break, a.k.a. the Side Stories, and then in two week’s time Year 4 will kick off. There’s a little bit of information you all need for the in-between time though, so that’s what today’s blog is dedicated to handling. Here I’ll answer most of the (non-plot-related) questions you have, as well as a few you hadn’t got around to asking yet.


1. Side Stories Are Written

                A big thanks to everyone for all the suggestions and votes on the page where I asked for your input. All four Side Stories have now been written, which is also why I took the page off the front of the site, so save any new ideas you have for next time. For the most part, all of them came directly from what people were asking for, though there is one not as many seconded but I still thought would be fun to write. Hopefully you enjoy them all, and they shed a little light on the lesser-seen characters as well as the world outside Lander.


2.  SP Bonuses are Paused During The Break

                As you all have certainly noticed, there’s still a hefty chunk left in the SP Bonus Chapters fund. I fully intend to provide the content for that; however, it will have to wait a couple of weeks until Year 4 starts up. I debated writing extra Side Stories to use as Bonus Chapters, but that felt a bit disingenuous. Those are merely meant to tide readers over while I take a short rest, they aren’t quite as key to the narrative as an actual chapter. Using what is essentially filler as Bonus Chapters seemed wrong to me, so I decided the more upfront way to handle the remaining funds would be to wait until Year 4 started, that way you all get a lot of the new content right out of the gate.

                As an aside, since Corpies is still mid-story, it will be unaffected if the Bonus Chapter fund there is filled up.


3. Extra Posting is Now Done

                Just as a reminder to everyone, the 3-post per week schedule for SP has now concluded. Having gotten the story out there before the book’s release, we will be returning to Tuesday/Thursday releases starting with Side Stories next week. This was a fun run, and I enjoyed getting to see everyone read the chapters closer together, like one would in an actual book. That said, even managing all the posts for this schedule was exhausting, so with the massive Year 3 buffer gone I’m glad to go back to the old schedule.


4. Year 3 Print

                Despite my initial hesitance, after nearly a week of effort it’s starting to look like both Year 2 and Year 3 are going to be able to have print releases. Once I’m 100% positive the prints are quality, I’ll open up pre-orders for signed copies just like I did with Year 1. You’ll be able to get regular print versions on the day of Year 3’s digital release (June 15th just in case you forgot) but the timetable on signed copies will obviously be a bit slower, since I have to order them, sign them, and ship them back out.


5. Release Day Antics

                I also wanted to talk about what I’ll be doing June 15th. Those of you who follow me on social media know I’ve gotten into the habit of spending all my release days hanging around Facebook and Twitter, fielding questions from my readers. It’s a lot of fun for me, and is a non-invasive way to promote the book, so I plan to do it again for Year 3. This year I’m even planning to do that along with some other stuff, including contests with prizes from fellow authors. In fact, I’ve put together a Facebook Event so I can actually do things in an organized fashion. That said, I’m also always open to other activities I can engage in. What are some ideas/celebrations you all would like to see from me during release day? If it sounds fun and within my skills to manage there’s a very good chance I may incorporate ideas on the 15th. Give it some thought and leave a comment down below.


6. Thanks

                Seriously, thank you all so much for the support. It’s strange to look at Year 3 now and think back to when I wrapped my first web-serial so many years ago. The difference is night and day, largely because I have so many wonderful readers commenting, talking about the series, spreading the word, and egging me on. This book, hell this series, would not exist today without your support. As I head into the final one, I am amazed to have come this far, and humbled by all the people who’ve helped get me here. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.