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Past SP Books Leave Site

As I've mentioned a few times, as we near the end of SP: Year 4 and I have to look ahead to the e-book market, there is going to be a period where the older books have to come down off the site to enter Kindle Unlimited. In order to do the promos and build interest for the series finale, I'll need to have the others in KU, so this is a temporary necessity.

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to May 28

Guest Week

During this week, I'm going to be out of the country taking an long-needed vacation from the job. Don't worry though, because I've got no intention to leave you all without entertainment. Some of my wonderful fellow web-serialists will be stepping in with guest posts to make sure the site still has content, while also giving you a chance to check out authors you might not have seen before. 

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Forging Hephaestus Release

The first book in The Villains' Code series is finally coming out. There will be ample celebrating, both digitally and perhaps in real life. Details to follow when the date draw near, but hope to see you all there!

Summary of Forging Hephaestus Below:

                From Drew Hayes, author of Super Powereds and Fred, the Vampire Accountant, comes a series set in a new world of capes, cowls, and superheroes.

                Gifted with metahuman powers in a world full of capes and villains, Tori Rivas kept away from the limelight, preferring to work as a thief in the shadows. But when she’s captured trying to rob a vault that belongs to a secret guild of villains, she’s offered a hard choice: prove she has what it takes to join them or be eliminated.

                Apprenticed to one of the world’s most powerful (and supposedly dead) villains, she is thrust into a strange world where the lines that divide superheroes and criminals are more complex than they seem. The education of a villain is not an easy one, and Tori will have to learn quickly if she wants to survive. On top of the peril she faces from her own teacher, there are also the capes and fellow apprentices to worry about, to say nothing of having to keep up a civilian cover.

                Most dangerous of all, though, are those who loathe the guild’s very existence. Old grudges mean some are willing to go to any length to see the guild turned to ash, along with each one of its members. Even the lowly apprentices

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Fred #3 Release

The third book in the Fred the Vampire Accountant series, Bloody Acquisitions, will release it's digital and print version on this day. As always with a release, there will be online festivities including trivia, giveaways, Ask the Author, and even a chance to make it into the beta group for an upcoming novel. Join the event here. Hope to see you all there!

Note: The audio book will be a few months after this. No release date is yet set, a separate event for that release will be created once it is.

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