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Welcome to the site for Super Powereds and other works by Drew Hayes. I know you're eager to jump right in, but first lets talk. Pull up close to the monitor, crack a beer, and relax. In a few minutes you can peruse the site to your heart’s content. Before you do though, there are a few things you need to know.

First and foremost, some of my material might lean toward the graphic side. While I don’t do much in the way of extreme violence or sex (sorry guys) it’s not totally unheard of for me to write something along those lines. Even aside from that, I do enjoy a liberal and creative amount of good ole fashioned curse words. The point is, the content on my site is likely not appropriate for all ages and sensibilities. So if you think any of this might offend you, or you are not of legal age (18 usually) to make those decisions then it’s time to click that little “X” on this tab and find something else.

For those of you I haven’t lost yet, my name is Drew Hayes and I am an aspiring writer. If you care enough to research and/or stalk me you can read the “Who is Drew Hayes” page. What you need to know about this site is that I have a central story, Super Powereds, that I will be updating Tuesday and Thursday at (or occasionally before) 10:00 a.m. central time. I will make it a personal goal to put up at least one short story a month, though I'm more hesitant to commit to that than to a weekly schedule.

That’s really all I had, I just wanted to handle the standard disclaimer and let you all know where I stood on an updating schedule. If you have any questions or non-public comments you can contact me at I’m sure I will expand this as the site grows, but for now I’m glad to have you here. Thanks for checking it out, and here's some helpful links below.

The Super Powereds Wiki (because there are a Lot of side characters).

Drew Hayes' Facebook