Hey everyone, and welcome to the DrewHayesNovels.com Frequently Asked Questions area. Here are some answers to questions that come up a lot, compiled to make finding the information you might want as easy as possible.


Q: When do new chapters go up?

A: Outside of Bonus Chapters, which you can read about here, the schedule is thus:

Super Powereds: Tuesday and Thursday by 10 a.m.
Blades & Barriers: Wednesday by 10 a.m.
Blog: Friday by 10 a.m.

Now generally, I try to get all but the Blog out by around 8 p.m. on the night before they’re due, but we’ve had enough technical hiccups in the pasts that sometimes I can’t post until closer to the deadline. That said, as a rule I never miss updates, so unless something truly horrific has gone down in my world you can expect those chapters every week without fail.


Q: When does Super Powereds: Year 4 come out?

A: As a serial, you can read Super Powereds: Year 4 on the site right now. It isn’t done yet, but 2 new chapters are posted every week (sometimes 3 if there is a Bonus Chapter). As an e-book, there’s no date or timeline to offer up yet, because this far out from completion I’m afraid it would just be a wild guess. I’ll release more information when we get close enough to make accurate projections.


Q: Are there going to be more Super Powereds books after Year 4?

A: There will not be. While there will be more SP Spin-offs like Corpies and Blades & Barriers, the story of Super Powereds has always been planned as a plot that runs these four books/years in college. We might see more of the characters in cameos or other aspects, I’m not taking anything off the table, but the core Super Powereds story will be done after Year 4.


Q: Is X series going to have more books?

A: I used X because you can fill in this question with pretty much any series I write, the answer is the same. All of the series I currently have in production are still ongoing, and with the exception of Super Powereds (mentioned above) none of them have a final book in the works yet. I promise, when a series ends, I will make it very clear in the books themselves. I’ve been on the other end of that equation, wondering if there was more to come, and I won’t leave you folks hanging like that.


Q: When does X book come out?

A: Again, just fill in any book with the X, the only one with a more complicated answer was SP: Year 4 since it exists as a serial. I like to keep you folks in the loop as much as I can with releases, so I made an Upcoming Events page with publication dates of every book far along enough in development to have one. If it’s got a planned release, it’s on there, and if it’s not on there then we’re not far enough along in writing and development to put out a date we can be confident in. I’ve also got the dates for things like audiobooks, however please keep in mind that Tantor Media is the one who determines those dates, and as such they are free to move them if they deem it necessary. I’ll update the projection as soon as it happens, and so far they’ve only ever come out ahead of time, but it’s a factor to keep in mind.


Q: When does the audio version of X come out?

A: The vast majority of my books are done through Tantor Media, who do amazing work. However, that work takes time, and since I run a very tight schedule I’m often handing them the final manuscripts only weeks before the ebook launch. In general, audiobooks will be ~3 months after the ebook, although schedule conflicts can push them a little ahead or back. Once they announce the release date, it will be on the Upcoming Events page of the site. Until then, I don’t know anything more than you folks on a timetable.


I’m sure some of you have questions not covered here, so remember that the best way to get in touch with me is always email: NovelistDrew@gmail.com.