First off, thank you for considering donating, as an indie author such generosity helps keep me in business, and the site up and running. As a more formal thank you, I offer bonus chapters whenever certain monetary goals are reached. Here’s how it works:

There are currently two Bonus Chapter Funds: Super Powereds and Blades & Barriers. Whenever you submit money, I track it based on the comments you include. This is done in the final stage of the donation screen, under a drop down labeled Add Special Instructions that opens a text field. If you tell me to put all toward Blades & Barriers, I do. All toward Super Powereds, same thing. Split down the middle… I think you get the idea. As a side-note, if there are no comments with a donation, I put it in the Super Powereds fund. Please note that ensure there is proper time to make readers aware of, as well as edit and proof, a Bonus Chapter a fund must be filled in time for the tracker to be updated by Wednesday night at 6 pm. CST to get a bonus for that week. If a fund is filled after that point the Bonus Chapter will post the following week.

Currently, the Bonus Chapter Goal is $125. So when Super Powereds hits that, a new chapter goes up on the next viable Friday (usually the Friday of that week). Same for Blades & Barriers. I post the percentage to completion on the right sidebar so you always know how far each project is from another Bonus Chapter.

A few things to note before I close this out. In the event I exceed the goal twice (or more) before a bonus chapter is delivered, the reward will carry over to the following weeks. So, for example, if on Week 1 of a month I receive $375 dollars, that will earn a bonus chapter on Friday of Week 1, one on Friday of Week 2, and one on Friday of Week 3. All three will not be delivered on Week 1, because it’s just not feasible for me to make those promises, and I deliver on what I promise. Lastly, this is a moving goal. As the readership grows and I see it continually met, I do reserve the right to raise it periodically