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Drink with Drew at Deep Ellum Wine Walk

  • 2650 Main Street Dallas, TX, 75226 United States (map)
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So as some of you might know, I was looking into renting a screen at a local theater for a casual reader holiday meetup, but between price and advanced bookings that didn't come together. Instead, we're just of meeting up at an existing event and hanging out as we drink.

 I'll be attending the Deep Ellum Wine Walk Thursday December 21st. I'm going to wear something easily visible, either the beer hat or something festive (beer hat has profanity which demands a backup plan), so you all can spot with me through the crowd. Also, a reminder, I've very tall so that should help. Come out, say hi, grab some wine and have a chat or form a mob and we'll hit all the stops together.

PS: This was originally on Facebook, so I'm going to add a link here in case any of you want to talk and coordinate with other folks going, or ask questions I didn't consider. You can get all the information you need here: (

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