Drew Tries Stuff: The Vaprwear Hoodie

                After my blog in which I detailed my experiences with medical marijuana, the cat was pretty much out of the bag on the fact that I enjoy more than just alcohol. For the most part, that has changed absolutely nothing about my life, however, one of the few actual shifts is that sometimes people will write to me about the subject. Sometimes it’s fellow PA folks looking to talk treatments, on other occasions its folks who use cannabis medically as well, and every now and then it’s a big ole weed fan. It was from one of that last group that today’s topic came, as they steered me toward a new piece of marijuana technology that not only looked interesting, but could make a perfect sequel to one of my first Drew Tries Stuff blogs.

                Years after the original, I am happy to unveil the sequel to my post about The Drinking Jacket. Today we discuss the Vapor Hoodie. I’ll let them sell you on the overall concept, as I am here for analysis, not marketing.

                That’s right, it’s a jacket you can covertly vape marijuana through. A nice counterpart to our hoodie with tricks for opening and holding booze. I think they also make a backpack, but that would have to be its own blog. As before, I’m going to review the individual features of the jacket itself, then how it functions as a jacket, before deciding if it is worthwhile overall at the given price point. So let’s get to the real question: was that video for real, or just… blowing smoke? (I’m so sorry)



                Given the illegal nature of the substance this product was designed for, I originally wasn’t sure I’d ever get a chance to test it if I made the purchase. Luckily, not long after I was accepted to visit Rose City Comic Con as a professional. Aside from having a great time, meeting other wonderful authors and a bunch of great readers, RCCC also offered a place where I could legally give this jacket a test drive. Even the weather cooperated, as it was cold enough to require a light hoodie. The stars had aligned, so I made the purchase, then picked up some vape cartridges in Portland.

                No real way to bury the lead here: the product works. To be fair, I did use it with the pen they also sell and recommend, so I can’t say it will be a great fit with every tool out there, but using their equipment I have to say, the setup functioned flawlessly. I took puffs off the device straight through the jacket’s mouthpiece, without any noticeable difference in performance.

                How it fairs in other regards has yet to be seen, but on at least their core promise, the Vaprwear Hoodie comes through.



                Obviously, another part of this is not just how well it allowed you to pull from a vape pen, which you can already do. The point of this product is to allow people to indulge without being obvious about it. Therefore, to do the job well, the Vaprwear Hoodie needs to be discreet when in use and unremarkable when not.

                The drawstring system, I have to admit, is pretty ingenious in this regard. Pulling was a quick, simple affair, that came with no rummaging around in pockets or blinking pen lights. Find a spot out of people’s way so you’re not blowing smoke like a jerk, take a pull, and you’re done.

                As for the pen itself, it slips into a simple pocket, options located on either side, directly next to the zipper. With The Drinking Jacket, I had to dock them some points on the “hidden” flask compartment for the fact that that flask’s bulge stuck out like a huge beacon. Here, Vaprwear seems to have done better, as the bulge of the pen nestles right against the existing bulge of the zipper, making it undetectable. I would certainly not recommend using this to try and bring cannabis into places where it is illegal or not allowed, however for someone who merely wants to walk around with the option of taking discreet hits, this product comes through quite well.



                At the end of the day, these do still need to fulfill their functions as clothing. I love my Drinking Jacket’s features, but if it was a shitty hoodie I would just start carrying around a bottle-opener. Same with the Vaprwear, nice as the fun tricks are, at the end of the day it is supposed to keep you warm.

                In fairness, Vaprwear has several different types of hoodie, ones of varying thickness and style. I purchased one of the lighter options, as it best fit the climate where I was expecting to give this a test-drive. I liked the jacket, on a practical level. Soft, warm, and simple. I could go for some inner pockets, places to stick more stuff as I’m roaming around a town, but again I had the chance to pick a heavier option that came with more material, pockets, etc, so I can’t put that wholly on the company. The design could definitely be spruced up, there’s for sure room to improve, however I can’t deny that as a light jacket, the Vaprwear Hoodie does its job.


Worth The Cost?

                As I said, there are a few different types of options available. Apples to apples, the hoodie I purchased runs $55 before tax and shipping. Not terrible, certainly in line for what a good hoodie can cost. Would I pay that for just the jacket? No, definitely not. It’s a nice one, just not that nice. But, when the functionality is added, I can totally see this being a worthwhile purchase for those who want it. Very niche product, with surprising quality and decent prices. Can’t make this a universal recommendation, but if it sounds like something you would enjoy, then you probably will.