What's To Be With SP: Year 3

                As those you who follow me on Twitter and social media might be aware, I recently finished writing all of Super Powereds: Year 3. While I won’t tell you exactly how long it came out to be, as that will be more fun to learn firsthand, suffice it to say I came in around my original goal, which was the 250 chapter mark. The completion of the book was a big necessity for me, but it’s also caused a bit of confusion amongst some readers, so I wanted to take time out and make a few announcements and clarifications.


Since the book is done, when are you releasing it?

                This is probably the most difficult question before me right now, and it’s all due to an unpredictable schedule. My original goal was to have the e-book prepped and ready to go as soon as the last chapter of Year 3 went live on the site. That is still doable, but in order for me to release it that way I would have to forgo any release on a pre-determined day.

                Basically, because Bonus Chapters can shift the speed of release with little to no warning, if I choose a day of release in advance (which I’m pretty much going to have to do) I can either choose to err on the later side, which would mean a delay from Year 3 wrapping and the e-book being available, or I can risk going earlier, which could mean that the book would be out and available while some chapters still hadn’t made it to the site yet.

                I’m not sure which direction I’ll go in yet, so for right now just plan on seeing the e-book out in mid-summer. Actual Release date is pending, but trust me that it’s in the works.


If the whole book is already written, are you going to up your posting schedule?

               As much fun as it would be to get you all to the parts that are coming up, I have to sadly say definitely not, because it just isn’t viable. The reason I worked so far in advance was so that I would have this time to get the book edited, formatted, and ready to go as an e-book. With works this big, the timetable on those aspects can be huge, especially when I use multiple editing rounds. As it is I’m cutting things a bit closer than I’d like to, and pulling things together will require some late nights when crunch time nears. I simply can’t afford the time cost of upping my release schedule, to say nothing of how it would impact consistency.


Will Year 3 be available for print as well as e-book?

                This is one that will probably be answerable once I get closer to release, but at the moment I’m leaning toward “no”. I’m fighting a hard battle to make Year 2 fit in what Createspace will allow size-wise, and Year 3 is going to be significantly bigger. I can try Ingram, but they have some serious limitations as well. Bottom-line: I would love to release a print version, but unless I can find a way past the logistical hurdles it might not be viable to do.


Is Year 4 going to still be a web-serial?

                To be honest, I was a little surprised at how many people asked this, so let me set the record straight: Year 4 will definitely be another web-serial. This series is, to me, always most at home in the web-serial format. Going chapter by chapter, one week at a time, is probably the only way I’d have the willpower to create works this massive, and I consider getting to write for my awesome community of readers one of the best parts of my job. SP: Year 4 will be a web-serial without fail, and as usual it will start one week after Year 3 ends so that I can have a little R&R.

                On that note, start mulling around what characters you might like to see star in their own Bonus Stories. As with the end of every year, I’ll do a week or two of posting stories you all vote on that showcase some of the characters usually only seen on the sidelines. I’ll begin taking suggestions in April, with voting to follow soon after.

                Hope this gives everyone a clear idea of what to expect down the line. I’ll do an update once a few of these “maybe” options are pinned down.