One Week To Portland! (RCCC)

                Fun Fact: I almost forgot to write this blog. The speed at which 2018 is whipping by has reached the point where I nearly didn’t realize I had a con coming up in just a week. On the off chance that such memory issues have impacted you as well, fear not, that’s what the week-away blogs are for.

                I will be attending Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon from September 7th – 9th. Tickets and information can be found on their site, as of this writing there are still tickets available so if you’re local come check it out. As for what I’ll be doing there…

                1. Drew will have books to sell and sign. Yes, though it may shock you, I will be bringing along a selection of tomes for those who wish to pick up a signed copy. However, as I always like to assure people before a con, you do not need to buy a book from me there to have it signed. I am more than happy to autograph a copy you already own, or a bookmark, a business card, whatever you want, within reason. Tried to sign one burrito already and the whole ordeal went to shit, so let’s keep it semi-plausible. This point is especially relevant since, due to the size of my books, I can only travel with a limited selection. Once I’m out, that’s it, so if there’s a specific book you want signed I would recommend you come early or bring an existing copy, as I cannot guarantee inventory. Ah, but where can you find me to get things signed?

                2. The REUTs table at RCCC will be Drew’s home base. I signed onto this con later than I usually would, making it too late for me to get a table of my own, but luckily the wonderful folks at REUTs were kind enough to let me hang around there some of the time. While I won’t be hanging out bothering them non-stop, I will make sure to post on social media when I’m going to be at the table for a good stretch, at least once per con day to make sure everyone who travels out has a chance to swing by and say hello.

                3. Drew will probably end up lost. New city means new adventures, and for one as interesting as Portland’s rep describes it, I cannot help but expect a stray wind to lead me down a strange alley, where I will find a mysterious peddler with an array of peculiar beans and mushrooms. After making the bargain and eating his entire stock of scrap veggies, the magical doors will part, revealing the lost lands of Eldyscyn, a world thought destroyed in the cataclysm. From there, it’s anyone’s guess where I will end up, although history says the most likely spot is hungover in front of a gyro shop with dozens of empty wrappers stuck to my body. You never know, though. Every town is different.

                4. There will be a Fan Meetup on Saturday. No location selected yet, as usual we’ll have to do that on the fly once I’ve arrived and seen the area. These have been a lot of fun at prior cons, a more relaxed atmosphere where we can all hang out and have a conversation. For the Portland one, come out if you can, but of course I’ll be at the table doing signings if that’s more your speed. Here is the Facebook group with the information, be sure to join if you’d like to attend, as that’s where the latest information and updates will be. Just for clarity, since I sometimes get this question, these meetups are open to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you bought a ticket for the con or anything like that, these are held off-site (but nearby for convenience) so feel free to join us if you are so inclined.

                5. By popular consensus, Drew will not be permitted to demonstrate his attempts at poorly replicating pro-wrestling moves. I know, I know, it was a major bummer for me as well, but the Tallahassee ruling set a damn clear precedent. From now on I have to get the proper permits, and apparently use a tranquilized bear, which I feel takes the sport out of it. The only way to even the fight out is for me to be on tranquilizers too, I won’t battle a weakened opponent and try to call it victory. So until my tranquilizer dealer gets back from his month long “grocery run” I have to put off all such displays.

                6. Falling off that keg-stand didn’t hurt. Don’t know when it will happen, don’t know where or how, but I’ve been to enough of these to recognize a pattern. Apologies for anything that breaks when I fall, and to the poor fools standing near me, get the hell out of the way. You see a tree tumbling down and stay in its path, you’re going to be crushed.

                7. Drew is going to eat his way through the city. One of the things I keep hearing back from folks who have been to it is that Portland has some solid food. As a giant person, I am always down for new culinary experiences, so if you happen to come across me trying to stuff a whole sandwich down my throat like a snake swallowing a pig, pay it no mind. Unless my face is blue, in which case pay it a shitload of mind.

                8. Lastly, and I know I touched on this briefly, but I will be there for all three days of the con. Earlier on, I thought I would have to fly out on Sunday, so I cautioned folks about that, however such is no longer the case. I booked a later flight, meaning you can come out on any of the con’s days and I should be around for at least a little while. Can’t wait to meet everyone!