Throwing the Gun: The Pen and Cape Society Podcast

                Yup, that’s right. You read the title up there correctly. I’m part of podcast, and damnit, that’s what today’s blog is all about. I’ll go into what the podcast is about, solicit you all for future ideas, and of course plug it with a link below. But first, just in case anyone hasn’t kept up with the weird migration of talk radio over the last decade, let’s cover what a podcast is.

                Essentially, podcasts picked up where talk radio left off, only without actually being on the radio they’re free to do and say whatever they want. Cursing, sex, drugs; whatever you want to talk about, you can. Sort of like when web-comics first emerged and showcased the medium’s potential for more mature stories. Now, not every podcast uses that freedom, but they all have it, along with the ability to structure their series around whatever entertains them the most.

                Truth be told, I’ve fallen in love with podcasts over the past year, listening to them whenever I walk my dog or take a shower, plowing through three or four every week, and that’s not counting road trips. It’s a fun, unique, open medium, and people are using it for all manner of weird little projects that would have never gotten off the ground elsewhere. I live for that kind of stuff, and so far it hasn’t disappointed me.

                If you want to start off with some good ones, I highly recommend How Did This Get Made, Smodcast, and Unpopular Opinion, all of which you can find on itunes, soundcloud, whatever service you want to use. All are fun as hell and I listen to them weekly (or whenever they are released).

                That love of the medium is why, when one of the members of the Pen and Cape Society came up with the idea of doing a podcast of our own, I happily jumped on board. Christopher Wright of Curveball is the father of ours, from concept to editing to planning the releases, and he does a great job on all fronts. The other involved are Cheyanne Young and Jim Zoeetwey, fellow members and authors.

                We named out podcast Throwing the Gun, after a personal favorite in silly superhero tropes, and that should give you a pretty good insight into what gets talked about on the show. Mostly we go over various topics (Was Man of Steel as shitty as everyone says? What are the ages of comics and which one are we in now? Where do serials fit in the emerging superhero market) and also slip in some cursing and dissension. It’s meant to be a place where people who love the genre can talk, argue, and just overall pick apart the things we love as we try to understand them better.

                Also, they had to had an Explicit tag to it 90% because of me, so if you don’t like cursing them you might want to skip this one. I thought I hadn’t said fuck in the last episode, and was genuinely concerned.

                Currently, there are three episodes out with the fourth coming in a few weeks. We release one a month, because we’re all busy, and that’s why I’ve waited until now to tell you all about this. I’m a big believer in having a backlog before doing lots of promotion, because if you really like something then you want to binge on it. Well, now there’s over three hours to go through if you enjoy it. And if you don’t… well I guess there’s however much is there before you turn off the player.

                Links are below, and if you have some things you’d like to have us talk about feel free to let us know. We’re all busy, and lazy, so good topics are always prized things to stumble across. For those of you who give it a shot, I hope you enjoy!

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