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                Those of you who’ve been with me for a long while will remember that I used to do infrequent FAQ segments during my breaks between books. Most of these were me screwing around, with maybe a couple of legitimate reader questions thrown in. However, as word of mouth has spread and more wonderful people have decided to spend their time reading the story, I’ve started to actual get several of the same questions asked regularly. So, what follows is an actual FAQ to hopefully shed light on a few issues I’ve gotten e-mails about and seen in the forums.

When does Year 3 come out as an e-book?

                The simple truth here is that I don’t know. Those who saw my Live-Novel got somewhat of a sense of my writing process, but essentially I don’t write complex outlines. I write check-points, events that I know need to happen, and then order them appropriately. From there, my writing is me getting the story from one checkpoint to the next, while also laying down the groundwork for upcoming ones. The end result of this is that I don’t have a great sense of how much material will need to be written when all is said and done. So, while I’m really hoping Year 3 wraps by the end of 2014, I really can’t say that for certain. We’re not even halfway through the school year, and there’s still plenty of stuff left that needs to happen.

                One caveat here: Since I do write ahead, I intend to have the e-book edited, proofed, and ready to go when the last chapter of Year 3 posts. That way there won’t be any lag for those who prefer to read it on their mobile devices.

How many Super Powereds books will there be?

                In its current incarnation, the series will only run for 4 books, mirroring the 4 years of college/HCP. These are the books that will follow the Melbrook residents through their attempts to make it to the rank of Hero. I recognize that telling about their intern years would also make fertile ground for a story, however I feel like it’s important to end their story at the point I originally started writing toward.

                That said, I do have an idea for a series of books about a new Hero going through his/her internship and working into the ranks of Heroes. Those works would be set in the Super Powereds world, though they wouldn’t be true Super Powereds books since it would feature a new cast of characters, with perhaps a few familiar faces spun in here and there.

Will you write sequels to Pears and Perils or NPCs?

                With NPCs, I feel like by this point the answer is an almost definite “yes.” The incredible reception it’s gotten, thanks in no small part to you guys spreading the word, has made it my fastest selling and best ranked work to date. That, coupled with the fact that I love the characters and the world, means I’d be silly not to wade back into those literary waters.

                Pears and Perils is a more difficult one to answer. It might be my favorite work I’ve done, and that’s probably part of the problem. Pears just fits a weird niche that’s hard to define, and that’s made it really difficult to market. I love that book, and I’d like to re-visit it, but I have to be pragmatic with my art. At this point, I really can’t afford to give works that don’t sell sequels. For those who are rooting for one, I’m currently trying a few things to get it better market exposure, including using it as the beta-test for Amazon’s Audiobook Creation System. If it picks up, or if I get so big I can write what I want without worrying about how it will impact sales, then it’s one I’d love to do again.

Can I still sign up for the Fred Release?

                Yes, I think up until the actual beginning of the blog-tour in July, but don’t quote me on that. After a few e-mail requests, I also have to let you guys know that the only way to do it is through this form. Since this is run by my publisher, I can’t sign anyone else up. I’ve just got to pimp it for them. Also, even if you don’t have a website, they’re really amped at the idea of giving out free e-ARCS (Advanced Reader Copies) in exchange for honest Amazon reviews when it comes out.

Do you attend conventions?

                This is a no, but only at the moment. Simply put: I have never been to a convention as a vendor or guest, and I have too little knowledge to get involved at the moment. I do want to learn, however, and I’m taking steps to do so. Right now the best chance is a shared booth with The Pen and Cape Society, a possibility we are all seriously discussing. The most likely candidate for that experiment would be Mile-High Con, though obviously all of this is highly theoretical at the moment. If I do go to one, I’ll be sure to bring ample print books and perhaps even some SP merch… depending on how far along that side project is when we get there.

You seem to produce a lot of content. What’s your writing schedule like?

                On weekdays, a minimum of 2,000 words or 2 chapters, depending on the particular project. That’s usually done in the morning. After that I do side-projects like editing, promotion, or more writing. On weekends I give myself a breather, only 1,000 words or 1 chapter. I’ll often go over these goals, but by making them the bare minimum I have to fulfill, it ensures I’m always generating enough content to have something in the pipeline. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: staying new and relevant is one of the most important things for indie folks like myself.

In your author bio, you joke that you accept TV and Movie offers at your e-mail address. Have you actually gotten any of those?

                First off, I’m genuinely flattered that enough of you asked this to warrant putting it in the FAQ, but the answer is a “no.” Trust me, if something that big ever happens I’ll be tweeting and blogging about it the minute the deal is signed. You won’t be able to shut me up about it. I know some authors are resistant to the idea of their works on a visual medium, but given how much of what I write involved action and dialogue, I think it would a cool transition. I’m a little guy though, and those offers usually come to people who’ve sold a lot more books than me. Still, there’s always hope for the future.


                In closing, let me just throw out a reminder that I also take specific questions over at The Pen and Cape Society forums, right here.

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