The Approaching End of Corpies

               While those of you who follow me on social media already know this, it bears repeating to make sure everyone is aware: Corpies has officially been completed, in terms of the writing. Obviously, the posting still has some ways to go, though I think it’s clear that we’re nearing the finale since this week’s chapter was the first section of epilogue. I wanted to take a moment to talk about what this means, both for Corpies, and for its Wednesday spot moving forward once the end finally arrives.


Corpies Will Be an E-book

                It’s true that this wasn’t always going to be the case, as those of you who remember the early days of Corpies know it as a Bonus Chapter only story I was doing to test out writing in a different part of the SP world. Back then, I was thinking of it as sort of a site-only exclusive, something for the folks who showed up to read the stories as they were evolving. And while that’s still true to a certain extent, you all definitely got to see it before anyone else, I’ve grown to love the book too much not to release. Plus, it’s got some tie-ins to the SP world as a whole that are important, which makes getting it out there all the more necessary.

                I did not, however, perfectly structure this release schedule so that the series will end and the book will release within the same few days, as with Year 3. That’s partially because my buffer simply isn’t big enough to get all the work done in time, but also because there’s not as much need for me to do that. The people who know about Corpies are the ones reading it now, for the e-book fans this will just be a fun surprise.

                Currently, the release date is tentatively scheduled for somewhere in April, edits and cover-design pending. It’s a goal I’m hoping to make, since it would put some breathing room between Corpies and the next Fred book, which we’re aiming for in July once more. As always though, until there’s a pre-order page posted all dates are subject to change.


What Comes Next For Wednesdays

                Well, for a while… nothing. Or nothing from me, I should say. To be frank, when I started Corpies, I had a much less ambitious schedule than I do these days. Getting three books a year out is no easy task, especially when some are SP-sized, and on top of keeping up with web-serials, podcasts, and blogs, kicking off a new serial isn’t something I can just do at the drop of a hat anymore. So I’m going to take some time after Corpies ends to properly plan and write the new serial, making sure I like where it’s going before it hits the site.

                The gap between will probably be roughly six weeks, and in that time I’m going to feature guest posts from some of my fellow writers in the web-serial community. Some you might have read already, but I’m trying to keep the range varied enough to where everyone will encounter a few new talented authors. Be sure to stop in and check out their work, you may just find a new favorite story from one that piques your interest.

                Now then, with the scheduling stuff knocked out, let’s get to the part I’m sure you all were really hoping to hear about:


The (Eventual) New Wednesday Serial

                A lot of you won’t be surprised by this, in fact I’ve gotten more than one e-mail and message asking if this was in the pipes, but today is the first time I’m going to officially confirm it.

                The new Wednesday serial will follow Angela DeSoto and Brett Rhodes through their internships in Port Valins. Ever since I announced that there would be Super Powereds spin-offs in the same world, these are probably two of the most requested things I’ve received: More Angela and learning about the internships. Though honestly, even before I’d hit upon the idea of spin-offs, I was hoping to find a way to write more Angela. Writing her is always interesting, and challenging, and I’m excited about the idea of telling a story where she gets to stand in the center-stage.

                As stated above, this book will begin within a few months of Corpies ending, though right now it is still highly in development. I don’t even have a title for the project yet. I do have some fun ideas though, and I can’t wait to try them out.

                At the end of the day, I hope that the new story turns out to be even half as enjoyable as Corpies was to write. From a nugget of an idea to a tentative step on the site, telling the tale of Titan and his team has been a constant joy and loads of fun over the past few years. I’m sad to see it come to an end, but that’s the curse of writing. Sooner or later all stories reach their conclusion. Though Titan may pop up here and there again over the coming books, as he’s just too much fun not to use.

                Regardless, thanks to everyone for trying out my spin-off, and for all the support you’ve given through the years. Without you, Titan’s story would have never been written, and I think the SP universe would be poorer for the absence.