Thank you for being interesting in advertising directly with! We’re awesome, you’re awesome, this seems like a perfect match. Ah, but what about the details, I hear you asking. Well, let’s get those out of the way right here and now.


                Advertising is sold by the week, with up the 3 weeks available for each individual ad’s run time. Pricing breaks down as follows:

  • Cost for 1 week: $25
  • Cost for 2 weeks: $40
  • Cost for 3 weeks: $50

                Payment is due before ads will post. Scheduling is first come first serve.

Ad Parameters:

                Ads can be one single image, preferably a book cover, accompanied by no more than 140 characters of text. Photos must be provided no less than 1 week before ad is schedule to run to ensure it is appropriate for the rating of this site. No ads with explicit nudity, bigotry, or other purposefully objectionable material will be approved for posting.

To Book Advertising:

              If you decide all of this is for you, then please e-mail me at to discuss the dates you're interested in. Thanks!