So everyone can keep track, and yell at me when I mix the characters up at some point in the future and put people in the wrong spot 

Team 1:
Amelia Jacobson - Close Combat, Focus, Subtlety
Michael Karl - Control, Focus, Ranged Combat
Ty Rodins - Control, Ranged Combat, Subtlety
Tara Warren - Focus, Ranged Combat, Weapons
Team 2:
Collin Gauge - Close Combat, Control, Focus
Aaron Sexton - Control, Focus, Subtlety
Iris Todd - Control, Focus, Weapons
Barry Jeung - Close Combat, Ranged Combat, Weapons
Team 3:
Erin Casse - Focus, Subtlety, Weapons
Scott Jameson - Close Combat, Control, Ranged Combat
Eloise James - Control, Ranged Combat, Subtlety
Zach Snyder - Close Combat, Control, Ranged Combat
Team 4:
Gerard Finne - Close Combat, Control, Focus
Teresa Montez - Close Combat, Control, Focus
Susan Owens - Close Combat, Focus, Weapons
Antoin Montaine - Control, Focus, Subtlety
Team 5:
Rorie Samuels - Control, Focus, Ranged Combat
Beulah Abbot - Close Combat, Focus, Subtlety
Ramòn Carerra - Close Combat, Focus, Weapons
Louise Garcia - Close Combat, Subtlety, Weapons
Team 6:
Kyle Sawara - Close Combat, Control, Focus
Sean Tannen - Control, Ranged Combat, Subtlety
Kaori Kimura - Control, Focus, Ranged Combat
Jon Glenn - Control, Focus, Ranged Combat
Team 7:
Alexandra Andrews - Close Combat, Focus, Ranged Combat
Catalina Blake - Control, Subtlety, Weapons
Tasha Jackson - Close Combat, Focus, Weapons
Lisa Shang - Close Combat, Control, Ranged Combat