Q: So to start off I must say, that was a pretty big one.
A:: That’s what she said.

Q: No, seriously. That thing must have trumped 210 thousand words. Your last book was barely 70k. What made you decide to undertake such a larger commitment?
A: To be honest, I didn’t intend to. When I started the Prologue of Super Powereds all I had were a few character ideas and the desire to see some content with super heroes that focused on who they are as much as what they can do. To do that though, I decided I wanted to know the back story of each character, even the ones who seem like throwaways, so that I could represent them properly. Developing those back stories spread out into a tapestry of content, and before I knew it I had the making of a series on my hands.

Q: So it was an accident?
A: Yup, just like its creator.

Q: Wow, okay breezing past that one. It seems like you left a whole lot of questions unanswered at the Epilogue.
A: Well yeah, I did say it was going to be a four book series.

Q: Oh, you’re sticking with that? We sort of all assumed you would blow it off for a bottle of tequila and a story about drunk strippers.
A: First, stop looking through my idea journal, and secondly, yes I still intend to write all four books. In fact I’ve already outlined and started on Book 2.

Q: Great, so what else have you been working on?
A: Damn you’re needy. I’ve actually been working on a few things. I’ve nearly completed four more Fred The Vampire Accountant stories, and I’m knee deep in a more classic adventure story set in a D&D style digital world. I’m not certain if these will see the site though, I think I might try my hand at getting them out in traditional publishing formats.

Q: Nice, cough:Douche Sellout!:cough.
A: Yeah, that doesn’t work so well in print.

Q: Fair enough, moving on then I suppose its pointless to ask you for spoilers in Super Powereds story?
A: Afraid so. Sorry, but I’ve got the ways I want to see the truth come to light and it isn’t a borderline schizo conversation with myself.

Q: Killjoy. So lets discuss thematic elements instead. I notice you always seem to have a nerd or a D&D reference in your stories. Are you a closet geek or something?
A: No, I wrote a story about super heroes because I’m 6’4’, muscular, handsome, and just took up writing as something to do between all the bouts of casual sex.

Q: Yeah, okay then. So lets do one off of your own forum. Out of all the characters in your story, whose power would you like most to have?
A: My number one pick is actually from a character that hasn’t been showcased yet. From what we’ve seen so far though I’d say its a toss up for me between Chad and Mr. Transport.

Q: Those are pretty different abilities.
A: But both are just so very very useful.

Q: On the subject of abilities, you seem to have a broad spectrum of them with your characters. Some are standard, but ones like Chad seem unique. How do you come up with all of them?
A: Usually its the same way I come with most of my ideas: Daydreaming. I get bored at my computer and start imagining how awesome it would be if I could breathe fire while at the bar. Then I think of a back story on why I’d be able to do it. Before long I have a whole character fleshed out in my head, and then its a simple matter of seeing if he fits into one of my existing stories or if he needs one of his own.

Q: On characters again, how much time do people have left to vote for their requests on the bonus stories?
A: Tuesday of next week will be the final day. I've got next week's posts written, but the requested ones will go up the week after. Since I've still got to write them, I have to see who the most popular subject matter is in time to get it done.

Q: So one last question in closing. Since summer is drawing near, what do you recommend as the ultimate pool or beach drink?
A: Take 1 bottle of dry champagne and 1 container of frozen fruit juice (passion fruit flavor). Keep both chilled, then combine in a pitcher when ready for consumption.