Super Powereds FAQ (1)

Q: So, another story about college huh?

A: I'll admit, I really debated on this given my last book. Ultimately it came down to the story I wanted to tell, and it was about these five kids coming into their own, both with personality and powers. Given the back-story I came up with college was just the best time frame to work with, especially since so many people really do figure out who they are in those four years. Plus: Super powered beer pong. Come on.

Q: You know that [Insert character's name]'s power wouldn't really work the way you wrote it right?

A: Yes I do, in all cases. Since physics is more or less getting chunked out the window though I felt it was my prerogative to make up some rules of my own. I try and weave a little science in when I can, but at the end of the day it isn't my first priority.

Q: What made you feel like it was okay to write about people who are supposed to be heroes doing something as immoral as underage drinking?

A: Same reason I'll be touching on sex, cheating, and bestiality eventually (Well okay we'll see about the last one). I like to write about real people, despite the extraordinary situations they may find themselves in. These are things people that age deal with, and some indulge in. Some don't though, and some try it and never like it. A few begin worshiping the keg as a holy alter, begging sweet alcohol for its blessing and a bountiful bar crop.

Q: So I saw you got engaged on the twitter, and in Ramen you mentioned how you based a lot of characters on people you know. Is anyone in Powereds based on your fiancé?

A: Nope, but for good reason. My fiancé would make, and I say this lovingly, an awful character to read about. She’s too well rounded and lacks any enormous character flaws. Which makes her great to be with, but shitty to read about.

Q: Okay I give, what was the joke with Alice's Halloween costume?

A: She was dressed as a nun. She can fly. That would make her a flying nun. At this point I refuse to do more than tell you to hit Wikipedia or Google with that term and see if it pulls a very famous old TV show. Yes I used to watch TV with my grandparents, and I'm okay with that.

Q: The characters seem to have changed a good deal over the first semester. Was that intentional or did they slide out of control?

A: A little of both. I knew they’d be altering themselves in this drastically new environment, but a some of it was me getting more into their heads and writing accordingly. I might go back and tweak some of the first chapters if I have time, however for now we’re chalking it up to the new surroundings and circumstances.

Q: Couldn’t help noticing that Roy and Duke seem a little similar. Getting lazy with character design?

A: I’ll admit they are both muscle bound ladies men who love drinking. Sadly that fits a pretty large chunk of what men in the college age aspire to, so it’s bound to see some repeats. I made peace with it because while they do have some superficial similarities, they are very different people at their core.

Q: It’s been over a year since you posted a short story, are you even still writing them?

A: Occasionally. Working on one at the moment actually. But a lot of my focus has been shifting toward bigger projects. I’ve got one or two cooking behind the scenes, and I’m contemplating trying my hand at a mystery. That will likely have to be co-written though, since I have zero experience working with those.

Q: So what’s the deal with [Insert Character Name]’s power? Like, how does it work exactly, and what all can it do?

A: I’m not Lost, nor Heroes, in either viewership or quality. One thing I have up on them though is that there is no question I raise in this story I don’t already know the answer to. I promise that I will answer everything…eventually. I should probably tell you guys that my whole idea for Super Powereds will span four books, so you might be waiting a bit for the answer to any particular mystery, however I assure you it will come down the tubes one day.

Q: Wait, 4 books?

A: Yeah, 4 books, 4 years in college. Weird how that worked out huh?

Q: Now you’re just being an ass.

A: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Q: Fine, back to topic. You didn’t take Ramen to traditional publishing. Think you’ll do it with Powereds?

A: On this one, yes. It will be big enough to be a fair sized work (I’m currently at 143k words and we’re barely past halfway) and I think the plot is complex enough to stay interesting. Plus I am fucking READY to sell out. Day job = suck.

Q: So you’ve mentioned other projects besides Powereds. Will we get to see them?

A: Probably. Right now my goal is to finish off the first Powereds book way ahead of the posting schedule so I can start up a new project in the downtime. Guess we’ll see if that works out.