Chapter 115

Sasha’s lips pressed firmly against Vince’s neck, slowly trailing down to his collar bone. She kissed that more delicately, then gently nipped a bit of the skin between her teeth. The first time she’d tried this trick things had gone poorly, but Sasha was an older, more practiced girl now.

Her hands worked her way under his shirt, her nails slowly etching their way up his back. He’d always been lean, but with each month the body she touched was growing stronger and more muscular. He’d been cute when they first met; now the boy was bordering on hot.

She reversed the direction of her hands, circling around and leaving scratches down his front. She paused when she reached his belt line and took a moment to lightly run a finger across the implied border. She ran her left hand from one hip to the other, marking the line in the skin, then she pressed onwards, downwards. Her thumb popped the button on his pants before Vince reacted.

“That’s okay,” he said, taking her adventurous digits and clasping them caringly in his own conservative ones. “I’m fine with just kissing.”

Sasha sighed and sat back. They were on the couch in her common room, making out yet again at the end of one of their dates. Most of the other girls were off having fun (naked fun at that, Sasha knew all too well), so she and Vince were free to pursue their hanky-panky right here in the open. Unfortunately, it was, once more, turning out to be all hanky and no panky.

“I know you’re fine with just kissing,” Sasha said, exasperation settling in and making itself quite at home in her voice. “You’ve been fine with just kissing me, your girlfriend, for months now. And while I appreciate the gentlemanly care that entails, I have to tell you, I’m starting to wonder if there’s something bigger here. I mean, you find me attractive, right?”

Sasha leaned forward a bit at the word “attractive,” treating Vince to a panoramic view down the front of her low-cut shirt. She was wearing tight denim shorts as well, and (although Vince didn’t know it) lingerie designed to plump and pull in all the right directions. She’d put in a lot of work to look sexy tonight, in the exceptionally frustrating exercise of trying to seduce her own boyfriend, and it had paid off. She was beautiful in a way that conveyed accessibility rather than intimidation. 

Vince swallowed. “You’re gorgeous. I find you incredibly attractive. That’s not it.”

“Then what is it? I know you don’t want to push me or anything, but in case you’ve missed the signals, you aren’t pushing anything. I’m ready. I have been in a continual state of readiness for some time now, so where are we hitting the snag?”

“I’m not,” Vince said.

“You’re not what?”

“Not ready,” Vince took a breath and glanced away from Sasha, trying to get some of his blood flowing in the proper directions.

“You’re eighteen and male. A sweet male, but yeah, pretty sure there’s a biological mandate that you guys are always ready at this age,” Sasha pointed out. “So if you aren’t then I’m guessing there’s a deeper reason than just being nervous about your first time.”

Vince thought very carefully before his next answer. He’d never lied to Sasha about this, or even hinted in that direction. He had noticed that she’d never asked him the question, though, and somewhere along the line he suspected the assumption she’d made. That was going to make this awkward, but he’d made that choice of non-action and now he had to face the consequences for it.

“It wouldn’t be my first time,” Vince admitted. “I’m not a virgin.”

Sasha’s eyes widened. “Wait, what?”

“I’m not a virgin,” Vince repeated.

“Look, I understand you might have messed around with a girl a little and accidently finished, but that doesn’t count as losing your-”

“Sasha,” Vince said taking her hand. “I’ve had sex. Full on, real deal sex.”

“Wow... um... when? I mean, was it a girl you met in the program before me?”

“We met on the first day,” Vince reminded her. “And no, it’s no one here. It was years ago.”

“Years? How many years are we talking?” Sasha asked. “I mean, you’re eighteen now, so...”

“I was sixteen,” Vince told her.

*          *          *

“Stop! Thief!”

Vince’s breath was ragged as he pounded through the dense forest. A rogue branch scratched at his face, but he didn’t so much as break stride. He needed to keep-

*          *          *

“I was seventeen,” Sasha said, snapping Vince back to the moment at hand. “I guess we never really talked about it, but I mean, I figured you would assume after knowing me this long. And of course I assumed from the way you kept holding off that... anyway, I was wrong.”

“It’s my fault, too,” Vince said. “I thought you might be under that impression, and I didn’t correct you. That was wrong of me and I am so very, deeply sorry. I understand if you want me to leave.”

Sasha barked out a laugh, then subsided into a fit of giggles. “Wow,” she said once she regained her composure, “I can’t believe you sometimes. I mean, here I am wondering if this semi-secret means there’s some hidden darker side to you, and then you go an apologize because you thought I might have made a wrong guess about you and you didn’t immediately correct me.”

“But I really am sorry,” Vince repeated.

“I know you are, sweetie,” Sasha said, her posture relaxing. “That’s part of what makes you so you. It’s not your fault I assumed you were a virgin. If I wanted to know, I should have just asked. You wouldn’t have lied to me.”

“Of course not,” Vince said.

“Of course not,” Sasha echoed, leaning in and kissing him. This wasn’t a kiss like earlier, meant to seduce. This was one driven by so much emotional connection that it burst forth and had to manifest in a physical form. This was her kissing him because in that moment she simply had to. It was as unstoppable as an airborne object’s eventual descent.

They eventually parted but their faces stayed close, almost touching yet not quite, as they picked up their conversation.

“So, if you’ve already lost it, and you keep putting me off, and it’s not because I’m unattractive to you, then I can only guess that the first time didn’t go so hot,” Sasha speculated.

“It was fine during,” Vince said. “It was the after that was problematic.”

“That can happen,” she said. “And you’re not ready to try it again?”

“If it matters that much to you, then maybe I can-”

“No.” This time it was Sasha’s turn to cut off Vince. “You wouldn’t ask me to do something I wasn’t ready for to make you happy, I’m not going to do that to you. Take your time. I’ll be here when you’re ready.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem, cutie,” Sasha assured him. “That said, when you are ready, I expect to be told immediately. I don’t care if we’re knocking people senseless in the middle of gym and a rogue blow puts it in your head. Immediately. No delays. Zip. Deal?”

Vince laughed. “Deal.”

“Good,” Sasha said, kissing him lightly once more. “For now, though, let’s go hit the video store.”