The Guest Week Cometh

                Hey guys, Drew here. For those of you who missed the notice on the Bonus Chapters section and the entry in Upcoming Events, I wanted to take a moment to make sure you knew that next week (May 22nd – May 26th) is going to be a Guest Week. I’ll be out of the country, so some fellow web-serial writers have graciously offered to fill in to make sure you folks still get some fun content through the week. As is noted in the donation area, there won’t be a Bonus Chapter even if the fund is filled since I won’t be around a computer, but it will channel through to the next week. Also, expect things like comment approval and overall site updates to be slow, since I’ll have to do them from my phone when the chances come up. Hope you enjoy what’s planned, I’ve already seen a few of them and I think you’re all in for a fun week!

Drew Hayes