Vote For Year 3 Side Stories!

                Yes, as the title gave away, it has come to that point in the web-serial journey once more: Time for you start making suggestions for my side-stories during the post-book break.

                For those of you new to following the web-serial, here’s how it works: After Year 3 wraps, I’m going to take two weeks off from official story before Year 4 kicks into gear. Think of it as a palate cleanser, plus a chance for me to fine-tune and tweak the opening material. Lest you be left with nothing to read though, during that time I post Side Chapters.

                These are stories featuring some of the less prominent members of the Super Powereds universe. You’re free to ask for anyone you want, so long as that person is not, and has never been, a resident of Melbrooke Dormitory. They get whole books dedicated to their antics; this is the point when others have a chance to shine.

                While I’ll ultimately take the suggestions I feel like I can write the best stories with, I do try to give more weight to the ones that are the most popular. So, if someone beats you to your suggestions, make sure to chime in and let me know that you want to see them too. Past Side Stories have feature all manner of characters, and in fact Corpies came about because people demanded to see more of Titan.

                And yes, Corpies characters are free game too, though obviously Titan isn’t since he already has a book about him. Otherwise, rest of the team and characters are ripe for the requesting. Let me know who you want to see, and we can make the Side Stories a lot of fun.

                Post your comments below, I’ll leave this page up and featured until we get to the end of Year 3 or I finish choosing my selections, whichever comes first. Looking forward to seeing what you all want!