Topher Nightshade Release and First Annual Site Halloween Party (With Prizes!)

                Alright folks, this blog is here to talk about two things, so don’t just see the first and think we’re done. We ain’t nowhere near done. But, for those of you who like to skim ahead, I will tell you what’s on today’s agenda.

1) Topher Nightshade vs. The Camp of The Undead Apocalypse release information.

2) The first annual DrewHayesNovels digital Halloween party.

                So then, with no further ado, let’s get to the first item on the list:

Topher Nightshade vs. The Camp of The Undead Apocalypse Release

                Some of you may remember that Topher Nightshade was the book I wrote last April, in front of everyone, as part of my live-writing event. Well, it took a bit, but now it’s been trimmed, edited, and made to look all pretty, and as of Monday the 27th you can get it in handy e-book form. Of course, no need to wait until then, just click the cover below to go to the preorder page!


                Now, since I didn’t just want to re-package that same material with a price point on it, I added a special treat. The Velt novella, Substitute Medium, was edited and proofed up as well, and is included as a surprise bonus for those who purchase the book. There you go, a fun, light-hearted novel about ridiculousness ghost-hunting fun, and an extra mini-book about a girl who punches ghosts, all for $2.99. Hard to beat, right. Well, unless you wanted that e-book…for free. In which case you should pay extra attention to the next segment.

The First Annual Digital Halloween Party

                I wish we could all go drinking together, I really do, but until we get that damn matrix actually built it’s hard to replicate that experience online. Still, when I saw Halloween fell on a Friday, which is also my blog day, I knew I have to do something fun and Halloween themed. After racking my brain, I finally came up with a plan.

                We’re throwing a digital costume party! Over the next week I want readers to Tweet, Facebook, or E-mail me pictures of themselves in their favorite costumes. Favorite might be the coolest, most creative, or just one that you still find to be particularly funny. There’s no wrong way to costume. Well, actually there are, but I trust y’alls judgment to not need that spelled out for you.


                The first thirty folks who send in costume pics will receive a free e-copy of Topher Nightshade as thanks for participating. On Halloween, I’ll post the pics of everyone who participated, and to cap off all the voting we’ve been doing for the Halloween Event, you’ll get to choose from five finalists for best costume of the party. The winner gets a free signed physical copy of NPCs or Fred, The Vampire Accountant, their choice.

                So go raid your photo galleries, or throw on that awesome new costume you have prepped for this year, and send it on over. There are free books a plenty to be had, and so much witches brew punch that we’re going to have to drink.

                See you at the party!