Test-Run of Corpies

                Well folks, I’ve been mulling over the state of Corpies for a while now. And, as it stands right now, I just don’t see it working the way things have been going. I really enjoy the story; it gives me a chance to explore a part of the SP world that has been neglected until now. Unfortunately, moving at the current pace leaves it stilted and makes it impossible to build up momentum. So, I’ve decided that Corpies will no longer be a Bonus-Only story. There are two ways I can go about it from here, I can either:

                A) Make Corpies a once-a-week story that gets posted on Wednesdays.


                B) Write the whole thing out and release it as an e-book.

                Right now, Option A is the one I’m leaning hardest toward. The thing is, I try to never promise something I can’t deliver, so instead of coming out of the gate with that, I’m doing a step-between first.

                For the next four weeks, Corpies will release on Wednesdays. This is my test-run to see if I can sustain the increased output without letting other stuff slip. If it goes well, then I’ll put Corpies into regular rotation. If not, I’ll revisit Option B.

                As an aside, Corpies will still be eligible for Bonus Chapters during this time. I’m not taking that power away from you guys, just trying to give Corpies a chance to actually get the story moving along.

                Here’s hoping for the best.