NPCs 2 Title, Cover, and Release Date Reveal!

                Dice? Check. Character Sheets? Check. Six pack of Mountain Dew? Checky fucking check.

                Looks it’s time to game.

                Oooooor rather it will be, in several months, but come on, that was a pretty way to kick off the topic, right? Anyway, as you have no doubt garnered from the title of this blog, today I am last able to discuss the sequel to NPCs. By confluence of events, I’ve decided to go whole hog on this one, doing the title reveal, cover reveal, and release date reveal all on one big dragon’s breath attack of information.

                First off, this books is not titled NPCs 2. I used that as a working one for referring to it during writing, but damn, even I’m not that lazy y’all. No, the second book in the Swords, Spells,& Stealth saga has a name all of its own. The sequel to NPCs will be titled: Split the Party. Which, if you’re a role-player, is something you’re keenly aware is a thing we’re never supposed to do.

                Let’s get to the part I get asked about the most: When does this fucking thing finally come out? Well, I don’t want to bury the lead and make you search all over for it, so I’m going to make this big and clear and obvious, so that even the people who just skim the pages will get the info. Ready?

The Release Date for Split the Party is October 14th, 2015

                I know, still a ways off, but even as I make the announcement it’s going through the editing and review process, which takes a while to do properly. Pre-orders will open soon (I’ll announce the shit out of that, have no fear) for those interested.

                Lastly, but far from leastly, is the cover for the upcoming sequel. It’s one I like a lot, and was done by Ashley Ruggirello of (who can also be reached on her Twitter and Facebook pages). There’s not much point in me talking about an image when you could just go look at it, so let’s do that!


                Alright everyone, that’s it for the announcements. If you’re one of my supporters on Patreon expect a sneak peek in a few months (I’ve got something different planned for this quarter). Otherwise, all I can say is that I hope you all like the book. It was, if nothing else, a lot of fun to write.