Super Powereds Year 3: Release Date, Cover Reveal, and (Temp) New Post Schedule

                Well folks, I’ve finally figured out the only way to handle this going forward. This blog is going to be split into 3 sections, each one detailing some pretty key information about the remaining run, and e-book release for Super Powereds: Year 3. This should clear up the last of the questions anyone has, and pre-ordering will be available in just a few days for those interested.


1. Super Powereds is Temporarily Posting 3 Days Per Week

                I know some of you were wondering why the sudden extra Super Powereds chapter last night. Well, wonder no longer. Despite what I said on my last blog, in the past few weeks I’ve gotten more information about when some of my other books are going to be published, and it’s been made clear that Year 3 needs to come out in early summer so as not to crowd them. This means I’ll be in for some late nights and long editing sessions to hit the deadline, but on the other hand you all are going to get what you always request: an extra Super Powereds posting every week.

                This was a struggle to decide on for me, because once Year 3 is out the old schedule will be going back into place, but my other option was to have the e-book out while still posting stuff until August that most of you had already gotten to read. That seemed like little fun for the readers, not to mention bad for the site, so it just wasn’t viable. I also didn’t want to do a massive dump of chapters on release day, so in the end this seemed like my best option.

                Also, Bonus Chapters are still perfectly allowed and on the table, I will do (a total of) 4 a week (3 regular & 1 Bonus) if the fund is met. I didn’t want to release the book before the serial was over, but I have no qualms with finishing the serial before the book comes out.


2. Super Powereds: Year 3 Will Release On June, 15th 2015

                That one is pretty self-explanatory, I feel. The only thing I wanted to address, lest anyone feel like I’m taking them by surprise, is that Year 3 will cost $2 more than the previous installments. Given that this thing is almost double the size of the first book, and represents a far higher investment of time and money to get off the ground, I feel like the bump is fairly minimal overall. But, I didn’t want anyone to feel waylaid by the change, so consider yourselves duly made aware.


3. And Finally, Cover Reveal

                One of the most fun parts of this job is getting to work with graphic artists who turn my half-scrawled ideas into actual pieces of art. Year 3’s cover art was done by the same man who did Year 1 & Year 2, Barry Behannon. He’s a great guy and does solid work, so if you’re in the market for a cover of your own, give that link a click. Without further ado… Year 3’s cover: