Drew's Giant Fan Art Contest Spectaular (With Prizes!)

                In the year that the Fan Content section of this site has been live, I have been continually amazed at the amount and quality of participation that has flooded in from readers. You all have gone a step beyond in your enthusiasm, and now a section I opened with great trepidation is a staple of the Super Powereds site.

                But with all of that said: Artists, the Writers are smoking you all in terms of amount of content. Perhaps I have more writers than drawers in my readership, or maybe we just need a few to get the ball rolling. Whatever the cause might be, I felt like it was time to put out a call and see what you all can really do. And for extra motivation, it will be a contest as well as a chance to get more Bonus Chapters.

                Here’s how it works: From today until the end of December 31st, I will count each piece of Fan Art I receive (that fits the standards set for all Fan Content) as a $10 donation in terms of moving a Bonus Chapter fund. Just tell me which fund you want it to go toward when you send me the e-mail (NovelistDrew@gmail.com) and everyone will be that much closer to another Bonus Chapter.

                Now that will be fun for all entrants, but what about for those who really kick some artistic ass? As with our Halloween contest, I’m going to pick the top five Fan Art entries and let the readers decide on their favorite in January. The winner will get to choose between a signed copy of NPCs, Fred, or, for the first time ever, a signed copy of Super Powereds: Year 1, recently re-edited and with a poppin’ new cover. It’s so new that I haven’t even added it to the store yet, because I don’t have stock.

                Let’s see, free Bonus Chapters, a signed book of choice for the winner, what am I leaving out? Oh yeah, only one of the most important parts: I’ll accept Fan Art from any of my published works. This means you can submit drawings from Fred, NPCs, Super Powereds, I’ll even take Pears and Perils; and they all get the same treatment.

                Alright, that was a lot of text, so I’ll break it into bullet points for those of you who skim these blog entries:

                1. From now until Dec. 31st all qualifying Fan Art submissions e-mailed to NovelistDrew@gmail.com will count as a $10 donation toward the Bonus Chapter fund of the artist’s choice. Please specify which you would like in the e-mail, or it defaults into the Super Powereds fund.

                2. The top five submissions will be chosen by me and put up for the readers to choose their favorite in early January. The winner may choose a free signed copy of NPCs, Fred the Vampire Accountant, or the newly redesigned Super Powers: Year 1.

                3. Fan Art can be from any of my published works. NPCs, Fred, Super Powereds, Pears and Perils. I’ll also accept Corpies, since it is tied to the SP world. Choose the artistic subject of your preference and run with it.

                4. In case anyone needs a refresher, here are the rules regarding Fan Content submissions. You can also see descriptions of most of the main SP cast here in case you don’t want to dig through the many chapters hunting for minor details.

                That wraps up the details, so commence to drawing! As a man with absolutely zero artistic skill, I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. If you have any questions about characters' appearances not easily findable in the book, please ask them in the comments below so that others can see my answer and we spread the information around.

                Good luck!