Back to Back Conventions (Portland, Vegas)

                As some of you might have heard by this point, at least if you already follow the blog, me and the guys from the Authors & Dragons Podcast are throwing our first convention this month. I am way past excited, but before I arrive to Vegas shenanigans, I first get to return to Portland for a panel at Rose City Comic Con! Since we’ve got two cons happening right after one another, I decided to condense the info-blog into a single entry.

                If you’re planning or considering coming out, here’s the details you’ll most likely want to know.


Rose City Comic Con – Portland, Or (September 13th – 15th)

                Going in order, we’ll kick things off with Portland. RCCC runs from Friday Sept 13th to Sunday Sept 15th, though due to time/travel limitations I’ll chiefly be there Friday and Saturday. You can swing by the REUTS booth (Booth #1007) through Friday and I should either be there, or have left a time when I’ll be back from break/lunch/etc. I’ll have my usual limited selection of various novels, so if you want to get something specific I would come early or bring it from home, with the exception of Fred books. Since we’ll be at the REUTS table, I don’t anticipate many supply problems there!

                On Saturday, I’ll be participating in a panel called How Urban is Your Fantasy with several other talented writers who work in the genre. If you want to come out and support us please swing by Room 7 at 12:30 (Portland time) to check it out. You can tell all your friends that I was as loud and endlessly loquacious as promised.

                For anyone who missed my time at the REUTS booth on Friday, fear not, because everyone from the panel will be in Booth #1007 from 2pm – 4pm on Saturday. We may stay later as time needs dictate, but other folks will be using the space as well so we want to respect that.

                Finally, I’ve had a few people reach out about whether or not there will be a Meetup for this one. It’s unlikely, at least on the usual large-scale of planning and organization. Since this year’s RCCC has me on the con floor the vast majority of my time, there isn’t a great window to slip out for a few hours. While I’ll probably try to put something together Friday or Saturday night, it will mostly be cocktails and general socializing.


Authors & Dragons Con – Las Vegas, NV (September 21st - 22nd)

                After a few days to try and cram in as much recovery as possible, I’ll be jumping on a plane heading off to sunny Las Vegas. Once there, it will be time to kickoff our first ever Authors & Dragons Con! I’m going to cover this one a little differently, since I have an entire schedule ready to go for that particular con, I’ll instead be focusing on outlining some of the unique features we have planned.

                Live 100th Episode: Yes, believe it or not, we’ve been running this shitshow for so many years that we’re about to hit 100 episodes of Authors & Dragons. While this isn’t going to be our first live show, we’ve gotten a few chances to work out the kinks, it will definitely be our biggest, especially since we get to decide how long it runs. It’ll be as much celebration as game, with perhaps a few fun surprises worked in. If you come to the con, this is an an event you don’t want to miss.

                A&D-Run Module: Have you ever listened to the podcast and thought, “I sure would love to see these goofs try their hand at DMing” because if so… why? Nevermind, the good news is that we are here to grant your specific, peculiar wish. I’ve built a custom module for Authors & Dragons Con, one which will be run simultaneously in five different sessions, for five different groups, all run by a different member of the A&D cast. For some, it will their first time every running a game, so you can be part of breaking of their spirit! Since these slots are limited, they will be largely first-come, first-serve, so if you’re interest make sure to swing by early and lock yourself down a spot.

                Surprises: We probably won’t have some mega-celebrity descend upon the con in a glorious moment of reveal, not unless Dick Van Dyke finally answers my letters, but we do have a few tricks and unexpected treats up our sleeves. I obviously can’t say more without giving everything away, this is just to keep you on your toes.

                Guests: Believe it or not, you will not be solely subjected to our ugly mugs the entire time, we’ve also invited some other folks to come and help keep everyone entertained. We’ll have Roll for Trouble doing their own live session on Sunday, Ben Robinson from The Geeksploration Podcast running games, and a wide array of writers. What writers? Well why not take a peek down at the schedule below and see for yourself!


Author & Dragons Con 2019 Schedule

Saturday Hall A - Panels & Programming

10-10:50 Welcome, intros, & Fuck You Mark! Tell the origin of A&D and how we got here? A&D Crew

11-12:30 Celebrity/Panelist Guest Live Play - Cards Against Humanity (or something). Theresa Glover, EM Kaplan, JD Jordan, Andrea Judy, Ben Robinson

1-1:50 World Building for Books & RPG Campaigns. Drew Hayes, Joseph Brassey, RE Carr, James A. Hunter, JD Jordan

2-2:50 No shit, I really did THAT! - Crazy things we've done and seen in our careers. EM Kaplan, James Hunter, Rick Gaultieri, Andrea Judy, Robert Bevan

4:00-6:00 Authors & Dragons Live! Episode 100! A&D Crew


10-10:50 Making a living - Self-Pub hybrid, trad, and the hustle of writing for a living. Rick Gualtieri, Drew Hayes, John Hartness, James A. Hunter, Robert Bevan

11-11:50 How to Make a Book - Covers, Layout, and the Rest. Melissa McArthur, JD Jordan, John Luther Davis, EM Kaplan

12-1:50 Roll for Trouble Live! Andrea Judy, Suzy Deacon, JD Jordan, Melissa McArthur, Carolyn Petty 

2-3:30 Flaws, Foibles, and Fuckups - Making great characters. Theresa Glover, Josseph Brassey, Steve Wetherell, RE Carr, EM Kaplan

4:00-6:00 Authors & Dragons Side Quest Live! A&D Crew

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