Denver Pop Culture Con Weekend

                Hey there everyone! As you read this, I should be setting up my booth, readying for Day 1 of Denver Pop Culture Con. As per usual on convention days, this is mostly about making sure the interested folks local to the area know I’m around, as well as getting essential details laid out. There’s books to unpack, so let’s get cracking!

                1. You can find me at Booth B5 in Author’s Alley for more or less the majority of the convention. Of course there will be some essential breaks for food, restrooms, panels, etc, but on the whole if you want to come see me, that’s where I’ll be. Even if you catch me during one of the breaks, I’ll have someone there to let you know the planned return. A special someone, for my deep-cut video blog fans.

                2. Because I have a booth, there won’t be a Reader Meetup at Denver Pop Culture Con. I use those partially to make myself easier to find at a con, which the booth addresses, plus I need to be at said booth, especially during the peak con hours when I would put together a meetup. I may try to put an easy-going bar night together or something to that effect; it will depend on how scheduling works out.

                3. For logistical and legal reasons, I have to ask that no one haul in a keg to challenge me to a keg-stand-off in the middle of the con floor. Fun as that was for a while, the complaints are really starting to pile up, plus I popped a shoulder on that last one in Seattle. The liver is willing, yet the body is growing old, so let’s stick to less physically demanding challenges.

                4. While I will be bringing books with me, the size of them and the number I write means that supplies for specific copies are severely limited. If there’s one you want, please show up early, as I can’t make promises as to what goes first. Alternatively, I’m happy to sign a copy of anything you bring from home. But if you need to pick up a specific book from me, swing by as soon as you can.

                5. I am more than happy to do pictures. I know for some folks that’s more of an issue than others, but you never need to feel bad asking that of me. My only request is that if there are people gathered up, talking or looking at books, please wait until there’s a break. In every con setup I’ve been to, getting around the tables takes a bit, so I try not to do it when there’s a lot going on.

                6. Turns out my full-size, functioning Transformer costume, is not going to make it inside the con. Beyond the size concerns of fitting a giant robot through the doors, I’ve also been informed that this is technically a dangerous new innovation that all sorts of nefarious parties might want. In lieu of having to do a whole exhausting globe-trotting adventure to get it back, I just burned the thing. Again, getting older, who has the time for all that running around?

                7. Above all, I want to say thanks to the folks who come out this weekend. Y’all are the reason I go to these things, and I appreciate everyone who makes time during a busy con to come by and say hello. Hope to meet a lot of you this weekend!