Last week, my fellow REUTS affiliate and writing friend Kisa Whipley asked if she could tag me to be in a blog hop. Originally I was hesitant, because as you all know my schedule is about to get idiotic, but when she explained the basics to me I decided to it for two reasons:

                1. It fit well into the announcement I was making.

                2. It was pretty short.

                So, with that said, here is my answer to the blog hop questions currently doing a circulation.

1) What are you working on?

                At current, I am prepping for my (and possibly the) first live-writing of a novel, tentatively titled Topher Nightshade vs. Camp Tekonichia & The Undead Apocalypse. I may trim it down a bit, but who knows. It will be written NaNoWriMo style over thirty days, with every flaw and note put up for the world to see as it is created. I’m also finishing up NPCs, a standalone comedy-adventure set in a world that is similar too, but for legal reasons distinct from, the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

                Oh, and this is while keeping up output for my two web-serials and a blog series. I guess I could have answered this with much more brevity.

                What am I working on? A fuckload.

2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?

                Oh man, is there an answer to this that doesn’t make me sound like an egotistical douchebag or a falsely-humble ass? Guess we’ll find out. Even though I write in multiple genres, I think everyone who knows my work would classify me as a superhero writer, so I’ll answer the question from that angle.

                I’d say there are two main differences from my work and the other writers in my genre, and the first of them is scope. Because I write my web-serial so long and sprawling, I get to do more exploring in my world than most others can. They have to be conservative with their words, keeping a plot tightly on track. I have the benefit of meandering a bit, exploring storylines that move characters forward, not the story. Some readers view this as better, others think it sucks. Either opinion is okay, I’m just happy getting to tell this type of story, because it’s the sort I love to read.

                The second difference is that unlike other superhero writers, I’ve spent all my story-telling (so far) staying away from the prime superhero world. Neither in Super Powereds nor Corpies do the main characters do the job of Heroes, it’s only seen from the outskirts or in memories. I’m not saying it will always be that way, but for right now it’s a feature that does mark me as odd. Or, unique, if you prefer to pretty it up.

3) Why do you write what you write?

                Every story, book, novella, or what-have-you that I write comes out of wanting something to read. I’ll have a craving for a particular style or thesis of a book, and the longer I go without finding it, the greater the need grows. Eventually it takes root and I end up deciding that if no one else wants to do it, then I will.

                I’ve tried writing books other ways; by thinking up a nice, marketable plot and characters, then putting them on paper. I usually can’t break 10k words going that route. For whatever reasons, I need that drive to push through. Writing books is like fixing a toilet to me in some ways, because the only reason I do it is because I don’t think anyone else will.

4) How does your writing process work?

                Here is where I’m probably expected to make a joke about booze, but I actually have a pretty regimented process. I sit at a computer and pound away, without music and only minimal distractions. Don’t get me wrong, I can write in all manner of places, I just prefer peace while I do.

                Also, about every thousand words or so, I usually take a break to read funny internet articles or watch Youtube. Small breaks help me keep from getting too stuck in my head, which lets me write larger amounts overall. To put it succinctly: I’m a sprint and walk kind of a writer, not a constant-pace-marathon style.


                And now tags! Technically I'm supposed to tag 4 other people, but the ones I picked are so awesome I only need two. My fellow PCS writers Ian Healy and Cheyanne Young. Enjoy!

                Today's Youtube clip comes from one of my favorite web-celebrities, a man who I legitimately cannot figure out if he is being sincere or parody. Regardless, BroScienceLife:

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