2013 Wrap-Up

2013, the recap and a look ahead.

Goddamn, this has been a busy year. Not one, not two, but three books launched in the kindle world. Signed on to do my first non-self-published work. Site revamped, with User ID’s, a Member’s section (already a bit neglected), Fan-Made content, and a Bonus Chapter system all implemented. On the personal side, my last contract job wrapped up and I’ve gotten to spend a few months living like a real writer and discovering how much I love it. Yeah, 2013 was a pretty kick-ass year.

But 2013 is nearly over. So let’s not dwell on the party that’s winding down, let’s turn our attention to the house down the street where people are unloading kegs from the back of a pickup. You know what that house is? That’s 2014, with fresh beer and a young night.

So let’s look ahead. What can you expect out of your favorite writer in 2014? Fuck if I know, Neil Gaiman has his own website, go see what he’s planning on there. All I can tell you about are my plans, so you’ll either have to click away or settle for that.

First and foremost, there is one major change coming to the site. Fridays are going to be blog-days: a time when I will actually post something in the blog area. I’ve tried to do this informally twice now, and I’ve crapped out on it both times. The one thing I’ve learned from years doing this site is that if I want to make sure things get done, I need to be publicly accountable for them. This is me doing that. Every Friday will get a blog entry, focusing on other indie books I found really good, more humorous instructions, random essays I wrote and liked, or anything else I think might be entertaining. Please note that this will in no way effect the posting of Bonus Chapters, those will keep going along just as they have been for the past few months.

Second, what projects might you see from me over 2014? Well, the biggest announcement was made a while back, and that is the publication of The Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, The Vampire Accountant by REUTS Publishing. Aside from that, I’m planning to get these projects written in 2014:

1. A sequel to Fred, which should surprise exactly no one.

2. All of Corpies. I love this story, and even if its going slow on site release I may just pop the whole thing out as an e-book.

3. Infinity Villas. This is one I’ve had noodling in my head for years not, and I want to get done. Member will get to see a preview of it around New Years. (Membership costs nothing beyond the time it takes to register.)

4. NaNo-Project, currently untitled. Not trying to be mysterious, just don’t have a name for it yet. I liked this year’s project, and I plan to wrap it up and see if it’s worth putting out as a book. If not, it might end up a surprise bonus on the site somewhere.

Other things might get written as well, but that will be spur of the moment stuff, not something I can set tangible goals for. Alright, I think that settles everything for the next year update. I’ll keep you guys abreast of any fun developments as they occur, and be sure to stop by after the new year for the new weekly blogs. Otherwise, have a great set of holidays, whatever you may celebrate!

Thank you for reading,
-Drew Hayes

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