7 Random Days in the Life of a Hero: Dani Reyes - Friday

7 Random Days in the Life of a Hero

Subject: Dani Reyes – Friday





Very little stirred in the bitter cold of the night. Far too cold for more snow to fall, but the nearly six foot drifts didn't really need anymore frosty reinforcements to look impressive. The streets of downtown Anchorage were silent in the first hour of Christmas morning, until suddenly they weren't.

"God dammit!" The words were difficult to make out, coming from the incredibly fast reddish blur that streaked into the deserted parking lot of the Northern Lights Mall. "It is CHRISTMAS! And it is COLD! Why would you be doing things like this RIGHT NOW?"

The shadowy form being chased by the reddish blur narrowly evaded the grasp of a clawed hand before leaping upwards to spin and land on the roof, facing its pursuer.

“The Children of the Night have no concern for the c-cold, nor do we care for your mortal holidays. No get yourself away before I destroy you, beast-woman!”

The redfurred catgirl slid to a stop in the icy parking lot to stare up at her dark-clothed opponent in disbelief. “Children of the Night?”

“That is one of the names we go by.”

“As in you think you're a freakin vampire?”

“I do not THINK it, b-beast wom-...”

Before the self-styled nosferatu on the roof could finish his statement, the red catgirl had leapt back into motion, clearing the distance between the two with a deafening bang as her jump accelerated her past the sound barrier. “THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS VAMPIRES!”

The darkly dressed man shrieked in surprise, and more than a little bit of pain, as he was tackled at incredible speed and enough force that the pair fully cleared the mall to land in the parking lot on the far side. Before the 'vampire' could recover he found himself going slightly cross-eyed to focus on a wickedly sharp looking blade his opponent had produced from somewhere to hold less than an inch from his face.

“Say you're not really a vampire!”

“I'm n-n-not a vampire!” It was now more than just the cold causing the dark clothed Super to stutter.

“Say you're sorry for insulting Christmas!”

“I'm s-sorry I insulted C-Christmas!”

“Now roll over!”

The now quite thoroughly terrified man did as instructed, ignoring that doing so pressed his face into a dirty snowdrift in favor of agreeing to anything the impossibly fast shifter with the knife told him to do. There was a loud ratcheting sound and a heavy weight suddenly pulled down on the man's hands. “Now we're going to go back and apologize to that woman you attacked.”

“Kitty Style, this is Dispatch. Just a reminder that taking a perpetrator back to his victim is NOT a recommended course of action.” The Hero frowned at the sudden presence of the accented voice in her ear, but she realized that Dispatch was probably right. It hadn't gone very well the last time.

“Dispatch, this is Kitty Style. Please arrange for a pickup with a containment unit for a physical Super to the... East lot of the Northern Lights Mall?”

“Confirmed. Local law enforcement is en route with appropriate prisoner transport. ETA is 17 minutes.”

“Umm, exc-cuse me? Ms Kitty Style?” Dani looked down at the shivering man at her feet.


“C-can I get up out of the snow now? It's r-really c-cold.”

“I thought you said your kind doesn't care about cold?”

“That was w-when I was p-pretending to b-be a v-vampire. It's r-really really c-cold.”

After a few seconds of consideration, the Hero reached down and hauled her captive to his feet. “Why'd you pretend to be a vampire anyways? Vampires are gross and scary.”

“It s-seemed like a g-good idea at the t-time?”

This response drew another long contemplative moment from the Hero. “Okay, fair enough. Just remember, when you get out and think something like this might be a good idea again?” Dani leaned in very close to her captive, a frighteningly unreadable expression on her inhuman features. “You didn't break when I hit you this time. That means if it happens again, I get to hit you for real.”

The smile that accompanied the statement was sufficiently intimidating that the poor Super was still making whimpering sounds when the containment unit arrived to take him away.




So this was a complete chapter as of about 9 Pacific Time, then I went back to edit it and my computer crashed and this was all that was there.  I have no idea how the rest of the chapter got eaten, but enjoy this teaser while I re-write the rest tomorrow!