Halloween 2018: Choose Your Spooky Outcome: Chapter 13

                “I suppose… on occasion… maybe that would be fun.” You can scarcely believe the words leaving your mouth, yet out they go all the same. Thad’s face lights up and he pulls you in for a powerful hug, accidentally smothering you for a few seconds.

                “Maybe is good enough for me.” Thad gives another squeeze, but the pressure is short lived thanks to Jim and Victoria returning to the scene. Based on the bundles in their arms, they must have ripped the tablecloths off a few drink stations, making sure there would be ample material.

                Covering the mirror is a quick, if tense, process. Thad easily lifts it while you all shove the cloth underneath, after which it is promptly wrapped and secured in several different layers, along with some muttered words for Victoria. Maybe she was cursing at the artifact, maybe it was a spell, either way, chances are solid nobody will fuck with that mirror for quite some time. Hard to believe one little piece of decoration caused all this trouble.

                “Oh yeah, Thad, do you have any idea where this came from?” You tap the mirror, as if there were any other potential objects you might be asking about. “This is the second year in a row that weird unapproved magic has popped up without explanation. Anything you know that could help us find the source might help.”

                “Magic has explanations and approval? Wow, I’m really going to have to catch up on all this.” Thad shakes his head, the momentary surprise quickly evaporating. “I bet there’s all kinds of cool stuff to learn! But as for the mirror, sorry, all I know was that when we brought stuff in from storage, that was among it. Could have been down there for decades.”

                “I’ll also suggest the possibility that it was planted there without your knowledge, slipping in unnoticed amidst the clutter,” Victoria adds. “Sadly, I doubt we will find our answers here. Whatever is afoot, the culprit seems content to plant the seed of destruction then flee before the harvest. They’ve been fortunate so far; I fully intend to end that lucky streak.”

                Next to Victoria, Jim has been looking into all the over-turned cups and mugs, checking each one thoroughly. He finally stands after the last one, facing you all and loudly announcing, “Fuuuuck! This place is dry, and it’s still Halloween. The party isn’t supposed to be over already.” His eyes dart up to the ceiling, suddenly reminding you that Halloween is his major excuse to put off the magic-taco adventure.

                “Guess that means we should hit a bar.” Accepting the night for what it is, you turn to Thad. “Why don’t you take us to some fun ones in the area? I’m sure you know the best spots.” Thad nods enthusiastically, if he doesn’t have a private section somehow reserved by the time you arrive, it will be downright shocking.

                FratCo’s offices are in shambles as you all head back toward the entrance. Desks are flipped, computers crushed, and most of the displays have either been ripped, destroyed, or burned. Quite a few signs of charring, actually, which is extra weird because ghosts don’t come with flame-based abilities. Must have been some people doing their own Halloween celebrations.

                “On the whole, not a bad party,” Thad decides. “We even kept a fire from spreading, so we’re way up on last year. If not for that fucking publishing company a few blocks over, FratCo would easily hold the best Halloween party in the city.”

                “Really?” Victoria’s face is the picture of decorum as she considers the statement. “You know, there is also something of a unique option tucked away within the city. A special event, one you might well have heard of. Based on… everything, I presume you’ve always held your own celebrations of All Hallows Eve. One year, perhaps we’ll show you around what is truly the greatest party this night has to offer.”

                You can already hear Thad winding up to discuss the proper theory of throwing a party, so your attention shifts over to Jim, who is still shooting the occasional glance up at the ceiling. “When we finish with Halloween, want any help with your invisible corner friend? Pretty sure the Treaty of Stuffing on Cranberry Hill will hold, so hopefully we’ll have a little while before anything insane and Thanksgiving-related pops up. We should buy extra gravy just in case, though.”

                “Ooooh, lets grab some stuffing too. But first...” Jim suddenly jumps for the ceiling, swinging wildly like he’s trying to box a mosquito. “I’ve had enough of your shit, Flubgo! You know what, fuck it, I’m on team Jagglewump now.” Jim pauses, looking back at you. “Come on man, you said you’d help. Flubgo has been running his mouth all damn night. First it was nagging me to go moving, then he just started complaining in general. The last hour has been nothing but cursing and insults, so let’s fuck this guy up!” With that, he’s back in the air, scrambling on the edge of the elevator like a wild animal.

                Ultimately, you decide to pitch in. Jim’s had your back more than enough times, even if this is a hallucination, it’s the least you can do. And hey, why not, all things considered you’re in a pretty damn good mood. You reconnected with your brother, made it through Halloween without losing him, and even wrapped things up early enough for a night cap. There was that weird bit with the choice blocks, but it probably wasn’t anything to dwell on. By next year, things will most likely be back to normal, or your version of “normal” at any rate. Until then, you’ve earned yourself a Happy Halloween in…

The End

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