Halloween 2013 Adventure: Page 5

Spell or no spell, you came here to party. The night is young, and if you know anything about Victoria then she’s probably in the dance hall anyway. With a nod to Jim, the two of you head up the dusty, creaking staircase, ascending to the second floor. When you arrive, all that greets you is a turnaround to go up to the haunted maze, another sign post, and a pair of enormous black doors. Seriously, these things are taller than the ceiling in your apartment. You’re a bit skeptical as you reach for the handle, but if strength fails you’ve got magic in your back pocket. A door-opening spell is something even you might not manage to fuck up. The concern proves to be unwarranted, as with a nearly effortless push, the door slides open, revealing the overwhelming spectacle of revelry inside.

The room is filled with bodies, dozens if not hundreds. It should be slammed wall to wall, yet the room is so gigantic that there’s space for everyone. A zombie bartender is positioned at each corner of the room, and clustered around their stations are some chairs and tables. The actual dance area is marked off by large statues in each edge of the floor. Though roughly the same size, each is unique in its appearance. They are Halloween icons: a skeleton, a werewolf, a witch, and a vampire, all carved from some black stone and possessing incredible detail.

Through the hall can be heard a haunting music, a strange sound collection that has never graced your ears before. It calls up images of desolate moors, empty graveyards, and shadows under the bed. Plus the bass in it is sick, so you can totally get down to it. The room is filled with a thin fog, more to give depths to the beams of flashing colored light that seem to have synced with the music. Overall, it’s a pretty sweet set-up.

Jim and you wade onto the dance floor, shaking your groove things conservatively to get warmed up. As you move through the massive area, you’re again struck by the amazing array of costumes that have been accumulated here. A seven-foot tall Frankenstein is being grinded against by a fairy that seems to actually be glowing. There are several girls dressed in period-perfect Victorian ball gowns, all enacting a complicated dance routine together. One fellow is dressed like Superman, and he’s got it down to the dimpled chin and coiffed hair. He seems to have just finished rejecting the ugly witch you saw at the door, laughing with a cruel apathy that you’re certain the real Superman would never indulge in. As she trudges away, Not-Superman floats off the dance floor and quickly flies to the nearest bar station.

You blink in surprise. Did… did that just happen?

“Hey, take this,” Jim says, handing you the cup.


“I think I need to slow down. I swear I just saw a dude dressed like a like a Frankenstein take off his head and adjust his neck bolts. I usually don’t see that kind of shit until one in the morning.”

By the time you turn to look, Frankenstein and his fairy are dancing as normal. Your mind wants to focus on what he said and what you just saw, unfortunately in the act of turning to check Jim’s story you caught sight of something that ranks a much higher priority. Through the thick crowd and thin smoke, you spot Victoria Dempsy.

She’s dressed as a cheerleader, which is actually a little funny since she never went out for the team in high school. Still, you’d know that long, blue-black hair and set of sparkling hazel eyes anywhere. Of course, just as much as her signature beauty, she is also easily identified by her constant throng of admirers. Two cowboys, a monk, and the muscular guy in the karate get up are dancing around her, each trying to jockey into a better position than the others. You knew this was coming, but it’s still a bit disheartening to see.

With a stiff draw from the infinite beer cup to bolster your courage, you begin dancing your way across the floor, moving in her direction. For a moment you’re tempted to try and use some magic to make her look your way, however between the lighting, noise, and costumed spectacles, you aren’t certain summoning Godzilla would get her to glance over. At least, not until you’ve made it somewhat closer.

In the process of trying to dance, move, and hold the cup steady, you forget that you’re wearing long wizards robes instead of your normal pants. This catches up to you in one unfortunate moment of clumsiness, as your foot catches the hem of your robe and you trip forward. Thankfully, you manage to stop yourself before going to the floor. Unluckily, you’re panicked flailing about sent beer sloshing at high velocity all over another nearby dancer. By the time you’re re-oriented, you are in the crosshairs of one very wet knight.

He shines in the flashing lights, covered from head to toe in gleaming silver armor. As you watch, the beer slides off the surface of his costume, as though he’d dipped the whole thing in Rainex. You’re still admiring the liquid repelling nature of his outfit when he pulls his sword out from the sheath on his hip. In the same motion he readies a shield, and now you’re staring at a rapidly drying knight who looks like he’s ready to kick some ass.

“Whoa, man, it was an accident.”

“Wizard,” he declares, his voice echoing slightly from within the armored helm. “I need little provocation to detest your kind. I shall have satisfaction.” To illustrate his point, he swings his blade once, leaving a small slice in the floor with almost no effort.

“Holy shit, that thing’s real?” You are less than eloquent in times of panic.

As you make frantic gestures, a few sparks fly from your hand and strike his shield. Rather than having any funny effect on it, they immediately fizzle out, like freshly poured soda bubbles. He takes this as an act of aggression and begins to advance.

Looks as though you need to defend yourself, and quick. Since it seems like his shield messes with your magic, which makes no sense to you in the moment but you’re kind of just taking shit as it comes, that means you’re best bet is to get something to do your fighting for you. Nearby you can see two of the large statues flanking the dance floor’s edges: the skeleton and the werewolf. You wish you’d gotten some animation practice by making the frog hop, however now is not the time for regret. You need to choose one and sling some magic. Fast.


You animate the skeleton